Friday, 4 September 

Working session with Stakeholders  

Planning our Stakeholder Plans

After lunch we invited our guests to brainstorm with us on how to bring the calling questions to our respective stakeholder groups. In a working session of about an hour we tested their appeal and got many suggestions, tips and ideas on how to actually engage the often very busy people that we aim to reach out to. Very useful contacts and suggestions were made by our guests.

Mr. Ingmar Jürgens offered access to his large networks in Brussels in the relevant DGs and suggested working towards joining the many regular meetings in Brussels to engage policy makers from both the national and European levels.

Olaf-Gerd Gemein offered help in engaging with start-ups and accelerators in his global network and suggested joining a large conference in November already.

Also Jack Harding, Ken Krull and Birgitta Stymne Göransson joined the consortium members in planning their stakeholder engagement strategies and brainstormed on how to attract what stakeholder groups to these activities or rather, how to bring the activities to them. A lot remains to be finalized, but in this session valuable contacts were forged.