Wednesday, 2 September  

Discussion Carousel

Seven stepping stones that tell the story of FIRES were discussed in depth.

To get to know each other and discuss in depth the key points presented in the keynote addresses, consortium partners discussed in seven consecutive groups of three following stepping stones:

1. An Entrepreneurial Society is an Open Society (that has Enemies)
2. There is no shortage of ideas, talent and capital in Europe
3. Too little ideas, talent and capital flows to (productive) entrepreneurial  activity
4. Institutions protecting creditors, workers and inventors block these  flows
5. Effective Reform requires a historical approach
6. Effective Reform should change the allocation of capital, labor and    knowledge
7. Effective Reform requires finding and mobilizing our allies

Many nuances can obviously be added to these statements, but these stepping-stones do capture what turned out to be a consensus among the consortium partners. Thus we establish the basic philosophy of our project right at the kick off. These stepping-stones inspire our research and will feature prominently in the motivation of our reform proposals. 

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