Thursday, 3 September 

Stakeholder Engagement Session 

Mobilizing our Allies and Winning over our Enemies. 

After a good lunch and much needed break the consortium went into a working session with Levuur, experts in stakeholder engagement from Leuven, Belgium. In a hands-on working session the consortium partners first established a sound and broadly shared understanding of the need and urgency to engage with stakeholders in the field. Among the many different types of value added that such engagement would bring were:

  • broader support for the reform agenda
  • validation of research questions, approaches and results
  • and getting a personal kick out of doing research that has impact.

Calling Questions

The second part of the session was dedicated to formulating a set of urgent “calling questions” that translate our research questions into questions that appeal to a wider audience of relevant stakeholders. A research question like: “What explains the global pattern of top entrepreneurs over time?” then becomes: “If Mark Zuckerberg were a European, there would be no Facebook”. Although this exercise took some of the scientists out of there comfort zones and challenged their skills, the session ended with a set of high quality “calling questions” that we were then ready to be tested on our invited guests and stakeholders the next day.