Wednesday, 2 September 

Engaging with high-tech start-ups 

Practice what you preach 

On Wednesday, after an afternoon of hard work, the consortium took a brief tour of the Adlershof Science Park and visited two start-up firms based at the Science Park. 

Long Tradition of Adlershof Science Park 

Based on the old imperial airfield, the park has a long tradition in science and innovation. In DDR-times Adlershof was the centre of the East German Academy of Sciences and DDR-television. After being completely wiped out in 1990, the area fell into disarray. With huge support of the EU, Federal government and Land Berlin, the science park was developed. Now it houses more firms and employs more people than ever before. Many of the old buildings had to be replaced or refurbished and development of the park is still ongoing.


After a short tour of the Science Park the consortium was introduced to Chromicent GmbH and 5Micron.

Typical for the more than 1000 companies based at Adlershof, these companies are high technology intensive, focused on business-to-business markets and are typically German in their long-run orientation on organic growth in specific niches. It was clear that in their respective businesses the reputation of the founders and the focus on high quality were crucial in the success. The low rent and excellent technical facilities at Adlershof as well as the high concentration of scientists in the technical faculties of Humboldt University were also mentioned as key factors in the decision to locate at Adlershof.