Thursday, 3 September 

To work!

On Thursday morning the academic work was discussed in four (Work Package) sessions.

At length and great detail the reports, databases and other deliverables of the project were discussed under the chairmanship of the work package leaders: Prof. Magnus Henrekson (WP2), Prof. Michael Fritsch (WP3), Prof. Zoltan Acs (WP4) and Dr. Axel Marx (WP6).

Work Packages - story of FIRES 

The work packages were not discussed in their logical order for practical reasons. In these Work Packages our project includes a set of analyses that will establish what institutions in the entrepreneurial ecosystem may be reformed; A set of studies that will establish the need, urgency and desirability of making the transition to a more entrepreneurial society; A work package measuring the current quality of entrepreneurial ecosystems across Europe in the recent past; and finally our work zooming in on start-up processes and national specificities (was already discussed on Wednesday). A final work package brings all our work together in a reform strategy that is not only founded on our historical, geographic and economic analyses, but also addresses the legal and political feasibility of our reform agenda.


A brief summary of the work proposed in the Work Packages: 

> WP2: 'Institutions and Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in Europe: Past, Present and Future'

In this work package the biggest challenge will be to identify what institutions we should consider given and which ones one might be able to reform.

> WP3: 'Global competition, smart specialization, value creation and inclusive growth in the entrepreneurial economy'

In this work package the urgency and desirability of the transition to an entrepreneurial society is researched.

> WP4: 'Assessing the quality of Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: The State of the Union' 

In this work package the challenge will be to collect data and bring these together in a consistent and coherent way, such that the quality of the entrepreneurial ecosystems in Europe can be compared across space at the regional level and across time at the national level.

> WP6: 'Policy Implications and Proposals: Legally assessing and operationalizing the reform strategy'

In this work package the reform proposals that were formulated in the project in abstract, general and economic terms, will be transformed into a policy package that addresses the right policy makers in the right way.